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  Funding Opportunity Details
 14022-FY20 Community Impact Market Analysis
  Community Impact Grant
  Application Deadline: 05/31/2020 11:59 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 08/05/2019
Project End Date: 06/19/2020
Award Announcement Date:
Program Officer: Matthew Bolster
Phone: 804-343-5631 x
Maximum Status Report Approval Levels 

Notice of Funding Opportunity:

VHDA Community Impact Grant - Market Analysis

August 2019


Funding Purpose:

REACH Virginia FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: VHDA reinvests a portion of our net revenues into Virginia’s communities through REACH Virginia (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia). This is a multifaceted resource that VHDA uses to support vital housing initiatives through our Homeownership, Rental and Community Outreach programs.

The intent of the Market Analysis program is to support non-profit organizations and local governments within the housing-network as they work through the planning stages of a project.  Awards will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests for funds under the Market Analysis Community Impact Grant must fall within one of the following project types. VHDA reserves the right to reject funding requested for any applications that are outside the focus areas listed below:

Plans, Studies and Assessments up to $20,000

Eligible plans are as follows (See Handbook for a description of each item):

  • Regional Market Assessment
  • Historical Study
  • Impact Study
  • Local Market Assessment
  • Needs Assessment
  • Policy Analysis
  • Site Planning


Plans, Studies and Assessments up to $10,000

Eligible plans are as follows (See Handbook for a description of each item):

  • Small Area Plan
  • Area Market Study
  • CPAT Report 
  • Data Analysis
  • Development Code Analysis
  • Economic Market Analysis
  • Feasibility Study 
  • Marketing Plan  
  • Preliminary Architecture and Engineering Report
  • Title Search and Boundary Survey


Eligibility Guidelines
In order to be eligible for funds under the Market Analysis Community Impact Grant, organizations must be a non-profit organization, local government, or quasi-governmental organization and:

  1. Be physically located in Virginia.
  2. Have at minimum three (3) years of operations.
  3. Carry out at least one of the following housing-related focuses:
    • Creating economically integrated and inclusive housing opportunities including housing options for people with disabilities.
    • Planning and Community Development to include significant attention to housing planning.
    • Providing services and/or educational opportunities in order to further affordable housing.
  4. Align with VHDA’s mission of Helping Virginians Attain Quality, Affordable Housing and align with VHDA's Strategic Direction.

Program Parameters

  • Approved agencies must comply with the VHDA Community Impact Grant Handbook. Click the document below for a detailed explanation of the scope, disbursement, and reporting requirements.
  • The budget and period of performance for this grant is twenty-four (24) months from grant award. 
  • Applicants are limited to one grant at a time.
  • Emerging organizations are not eligible.

Application Process

For questions concerning this program or assistance with application submission, contact Matthew Bolster, Strategic Housing Office, at (804) 343-5631 or  All applications must be submitted electronically using the VHDA Grants Management System.

  • Proposed Budget - The proposed budget cannot exceed the consultant’s estimate.
  • Agency authorized official certification
  • The following must be attached to the application:
    • ACH
    • W-9
    • Nonprofit Determination or proof of eligibility if governmental or quasi-governmental organization
    • Organizational Chart
    • Prior year’s audited financial statements, or prior year’s reviewed financial statements or two years of financial statements
    • For multi-jurisdictional organizations, letters of support from locality and Planning District Commission
  • Consultant Documents
    • State Corporation Commission Certification, Dun & Bradstreet Report, 2 letters of reference, Estimate.
    • Local Government may submit a full Request for Proposal to include the above as requirements if a consultant is unable to be selected prior to award.

Decision Process

Funds will be awarded based on an assessment of the organization’s application and the availability of VHDA funds.
The selected organization will receive a Grant Award Notification (GAN) and a Grant Agreement if approved for funds under the award.

All applicants have the option to submit a request at for a debriefing within thirty (30) days of approval or denial.

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